MAGBO Rules Review Sessions

Both pre-season and in-season refreshers on approved NCAA women’s basketball rules along with high school modifications are presented by various clinicians. With access to the latest updates and editorial revisions MAGBO is at the forefront of officials’ education.

The program highlights are

  • “Ask Jon” Rules Review Session with NCAA Secretary-Rules Editor, Jon Levinson
  • Region XV Rules Interpretation with NCAA division I women’s basketball official, Laura Isabelle

MAGBO Mechanics and Game Management Clinics

These presentations, featuring local high school assignors and collegiate officials, are designed to help officials at all levels of the game improve their court presence, game awareness, and situation handling.

The program highlights are

  • Video play breakdown with NCAA division I women’s final four official, Joe Vaszily
  • Best practices with NCAA women’s division I official, Stephanie Barksdale

MAGBO All Assessment Reviews

Review test taking strategies and go over practice exam questions for various officiating assessments in small group settings facilitated by MAGBO’s team of experienced educators.

The program highlights are

  • NCAA pre-season rules exam review
  • Annual high school proficiency assessments


Upon completion of the BOPC, having a mentor is an important component of continuing to develop, particularly as a new official. A mentor can assist you in the officiating industry by teaching the professionalism required to be successful, as well as the business of officiating, from youth leagues to the collegiate ranks. Many of our instructors and staff have had mentors throughout their careers. The impact a mentor can be exponential in advancing your officiating career.

The program highlights are

  • Conference calls with other officials and mentors
  • Pre and Post game evaluation with your mentor

Please contact Helene Hamilton for more information and to sign up for this program

My mentee was a pleasure to work with and I will continue working with him. He has a lot of potential. I went to a couple of his games and he went to a couple of mine. He knows the rules, asks great questions, and is eager to learn. -Hassan Brown

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