Metropolitan Approved Girls Basketball Officials

Mission Statement

The Metropolitan Approved Girls Basketball Officials is a dedicated group of referees who are committed to providing quality educational opportunities for women's officiating professionals. Meetings, seminars, webinars, blogs, classroom sessions, guest speakers, and the MAGBO website are just a few of the innovative learning experiences we provide. Whether you are a rookie or an experienced official, professional development is critical. MAGBO members benefit by improving their own officiating techniques and expanding their professional network.

Changing the Landscape of Officiating

Become a part of the growing trend of the dedicated, successful community of MAGBO officials, friends and benefactors who put the game of women’s basketball first. MAGBO provides professional development to enhance the experiences of our members who officiate women’s basketball at all levels from youth leagues to NCAA Division I. Membership with MAGBO, provides education to officials in partnership with the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO). Your generous support of MAGBO helps to provide guest speakers, promote partnerships, establish coursework, and provide opportunities for our officials who aspire to move up the officiating ladder.

Our Inception

In 1991 Kerry Donohue attended June Courteau’s referee camp in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. June, one of the most respected women’s basketball officials of all time entrusted Kerry with the job of identifying up and coming women’s basketball officials. Little did Kerry realize this would lead to another conversation with Jim Grillo in the spring of 2012. Kerry and Jim talked about developing a program that would better prepare women’s officials for the game they both loved. Jim and Kerry knew that they could best accomplish this together. No one had ever truly committed to educating rookie and veteran officials, until now.

Soon afterwards Kerry and Jim’s vision became a reality-MAGBO.

Along with Kerry and Jim, Sheri Zappala, Helene Hamilton, Chris Pantazis, Rollie Buchanan and Eddie Santelices round out the MAGBO dream. Their officiating resumes contain numerous NCAA Division I, II, and III conferences, tournaments, championships and playoffs. They have also reached the epitome of high school finals, state and federation tournaments.

The MAGBO Board of Directors

Kerry Donohue, CEO

Jim Grillo, President

Sheri Zappala, Vice-President

Helene Hamilton, Vice-President

Chris Pantazis, Treasurer

Edward A. Santelices, Secretary

Rollie O. Buchanan, Consultant

MAGBO is an educational institution to which girls basketball referees can supplement their current skills and officiating career development. MAGBO makes no claims, promises, or guarantees that members will be assigned basketball games.