MAGBO Referee Education and Fundamentals (R.E.F.) Training

MAGBO is designed to train and develop current and aspiring officials in meeting the approval requirements to officiate Girls’ High School basketball games in the New York Metro area.

MAGBO’s R.E.F. Training is a learning environment in which participants attend rule review sessions, engage with MAGBO Google Classroom and on-line discussions and breakdown game video. A second component of the course experience involves interactive, on-court mechanics training sessions.

Upon completion of the course, all participants will be given a two part assessment covering rules, knowledge and mechanics application. Those participants who demonstrate proficiency will be approved to work girls’ high school basketball games in the New York Metro area. Approved MAGBO officials will have the opportunity to meet high school assignors, fostering an opportunity for further officiating experience.



Our instructors, current and retired girls high school and women’s collegiate officials, have been teaching and developing officials, both on and off the court for many years. Veteran officials, Carl Small, Helene Hamilton, Pat DeForte, Sue Shepherd, and Kerry Donohue are focused on assisting you in understanding NCAA women’s basketball rules as they apply to New York State girls’ high school basketball. You will attain the necessary skills to be successful in your officiating career.

BOPC registration includes all course materials (i.e., 2017-2019 NCAA Women’s Basketball Rule Book, 2018-2019 NCAA Women’s Basketball Casebook, MAGBO Mechanics Illustrated Manual), on-court instruction, classroom instruction, feedback from on-court clinicians, and MAGBO Fox40 Whistle.  Additionally, you will receive your MAGBO approved official status and membership, National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) membership, personal liability insurance, REFEREE Magazine subscription, court time and assessment, interactions with guest speakers, exposure to assignors, and camp t-shirt.

Officials who complete the Basketball Officials Proficiency Course (BOPC) or an equivalent officiating training program such as MAGBO In Position Camp, will be approved by MAGBO to work high school basketball games in the New York Metropolitan area.


Requirements for APPROVED MAGBO officials are:

1)Pay annual NASO through MAGBO dues by November 1st of each season.

2)Attend an annual clinic.

3)Participate in the MAGBO annual assessment.

Feedback from the BOPC

The BOPC really boosted my will and intention of becoming an official. I learned a lot and that’s what I was hoping to get out of the course. I thought the instructors were very helpful ladies, very informative and very nice. They were intensely informative on specific topics.

I really liked listening to the advice the instructors had to give and the stories they told added a bit of spice to the entire course experience.

Kerry, I’m so proud of you and how you keep breaking new ground in our officiating world. Thank you for your good work -Debbie Williamson.

Each instructor has been kind, funny, informative and passionate which has only made me want to become an official more. I loved listening to the guest speakers. It gave me insight and made me learn more through their experience.

Kerry, I can’t thank you, Sheri, and Helene enough for introducing me to the world of refereeing. You are all a pleasure and your knowledge and delivery of information are just great.

Thank you for all you do for us. I appreciate you taking the time out to see us through and consistently giving us feedback to make us better. This means more than you know. Thank you for your patience as well and for all the resources you have shared. We hope to never let you down and go out there and make you proud.

Thank you for giving back to us, the newbies and allowing us to grow and branch out as officials. I love new challenges so I am looking forward to the season.

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