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Author: Kerry Donohue

From the team at MAGBO, we hope that you are staying safe during these uncertain times. COVID-19 has had a bevy of consequences. Based on the connectedness of the sporting world and officiating - there has been minimal movement. Although we haven’t been moving on the court, we have been active behind the scenes; we have been doing our Summer League Series with a slew of camps to keep you connected to the game, and we have been slowly revamping

It wasn’t too long when Kerry was a clinician at a camp I attended, giving me pointed advice. In this pod, she discusses her early introduction into officiating, her love of sports, what she’s been up to during the pandemic, and being the head of MAGBO, all while getting ready for their virtual camp. All that and more, my conversation with Kerry, here or below.

Forty Four is a special number to Ralph the Ref – he worship’s the arc that Hubert Davis used to shoot behind, among other greats that bestowed the numberical nomenclature. In this special commemorative pod,  Ray Valeriano discusses the start of Referee Rant with it’s creator Ralph the Ref – it’s inception, it’s progress, it’s future, and oh yeah, we talk about reffing.  Ray’s conversation with Ralph, now. 

Dear Approved MAGBO Official, Good news!  Assignors have contacted me hoping to hire Approved MAGBO officials. Here is the information you need: NY Hoops at Baruch College (Saturday July 6th & Sunday July 7th) features middle school and high school girls games.  Games start at 8:30AM and end with the 6:30PM game. Fee is $25 cash per game paid on site. Any interested officials should contact Mike Mei at Are you looking to improve your NCAA Three Person Mechanics?  Then contact

MAGBO held its’ fifth annual In Position Camp in memory of Rachelle Jones during the weekend of May 4-5.  Camp was held at SUNY Purchase and additionally at Manhattanville College due to increased camper interest. Officials were able to work on both two and three person mechanics. Classroom presentations, video breakdown and staff patience and professionalism while working with officials was second to none.   This year’s list of campers had officials from seven states including, New York, New

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