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About Us

Changing the Landscape of Officiating

MAGBO is the leading educational authority among women’s basketball officials in the New York Metropolitan area. From the weekend hobbyist to the aspiring women’s college basketball official, MAGBO provides the necessary training resources to help individuals begin and maintain a long, healthy officiating career. Led by a group of referees who collectively have 30+ years of education experience, MAGBO trains officials by using the latest technological educational tools.

Become a part of the growing trend of the dedicated, successful community of MAGBO officials, friends and benefactors who put the game of women’s basketball first. MAGBO provides professional development to enhance the experiences of our members who officiate women’s basketball at all levels from youth leagues to NCAA Division I.
Membership with MAGBO, provides education to officials in partnership with the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO). Your generous support of MAGBO helps to provide guest speakers, promote partnerships, establish coursework, and provide opportunities for our officials who aspire to move up the officiating ladder.
In August 2014, MAGBO launched the MAGBO.NYC website. As the Board of Directors prepared the first calendar of educational events, they envisioned a strategy to help women’s basketball officials in the New York Metropolitan area become the best they could be. MAGBO held its first rules review session in October of that year and the turnout was incredible. Based on feedback from those in attendance, MAGBO quickly became noted as a force for influencing women’s basketball officials.
MAGBO staff members have developed a learning environment based on experience, confidence, and trust. Their officiating resumes include working numerous NCAA Division I, II, and III conferences and working conference tournaments, championships and playoffs. They have also reached the epitome of high school finals, state and federation tournaments.

Mission Statement

The Metropolitan Approved Girls Basketball Officials (MAGBO) is a dedicated group of referees who are committed to providing quality educational opportunities for women’s officiating professionals. Professional development clinics and seminars, webinars, conference calls, blogs, classroom sessions, and guest speakers are some of the innovative learning experiences we provide. Whether you are a rookie or an experienced official, professional development is critical. A MAGBO approved member benefits by improving their own officiating techniques and expanding their professional network.

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