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MAGBO x NASO Virtual Summit

Stay Safe.

MAGBO x NASO Virtual Summit

We know. If your like us, you are waiting eager to get back on the court. Trust us, we are JUST AS eager to help you get to where you want to go.  All across the country and around the world, sports have been preempted with a virtual halt – with that domino affecting normal officiating events like the annual NASO Summit. 

Years past, the NASO Summit was a must mark on the calendar. As COVID-19 has engulfed the nation, the sporting industry took a pause – officiating was a casualty.

Albeit debilitating, like NASO, MAGBO has sought innovation through a problem. Instead of completely postponing our In Position Camp in May, we have had a series of Virtual Camps through The Summer Series. For all those that have attended, we appreciate you have stopped by. And if you haven’t got a chance, fret not – they will all be available online on various social media outlets. 

And so, we are proud to announce our participation in the 2020 Virtual NASO Summit, held August 24th-27th!  Be on the look out with our virtual booth, with the MAGBO team creating innovative solutions in the midst of our current plight, and how we can move forward in the basketball officiating industry, when it only sporadically exists!

Not only is this event virtual, it’s FREE. Use this opportunity as a learning tool to get ready for when sports come back.  Stay tuned! Stay safe.
For more information on the NASO Summit, click here. 

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