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#therant, 3 Part Series: Jon Levinson

#therant, 3 Part Series: Jon Levinson

Many people know the title – yet don’t know the man. Enter Jon Levinson. In collaboration with MAGBO NYC, we talk to Jon about the state of officiating during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, his early beginnings officiating, and his love of umpiring baseball.  All that and more, part 1 of Jon Levinson, now. Here or below

In part 2 of my sit down with Jon, we get to know more about the end of his officiating career and the start of his current. From his final Division 1 game, his glass half- full mentality, to his love for his daughter that made her travel with him during games on the road, and of course, how he got to applying all the way to the excitement of becoming the the NCAA Women’s Basketball Secretary – Rules Editor. All that and more, part 2 with Jon Levinson, now. Here or below.

In anticipation of MAGBO’S Summer Series, with Jon, we post his last of a 3 part series on #therant. In this pod, he discusses his mentors and peers, his experience being the secretary rules editor, if he’d ever come back on the court and ref, and what officiating has given to him in his life, and what it means. All that and more, part 3, Jon Levinson, now. Here or below.

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